Hello Swida

Enjoy the most secret cola

A tasty, fizzy drink that blends the best of Coca-Cola and Pepsi with a unique ingredient: black seed.

A perfect mix, to be enjoyed as it is or in the cocktail of your choice.

Phsst, pour, sip and enjoy.


Authentic tastes enhanced by black seed

Swida sodas are refreshing drinks with a unique taste made from a blend of natural flavours and nigella seeds.

Lemon, peach, citrus, orange and cola are the flavours we have developed, while preserving the characteristics and health benefits of black seed.

Black Seed

The iconic drink that makes everyday moments sparkle

Black Seed

A spicy, sparkling taste with natural lemon and lime flavours

Black Seed

A unique recipe with natural flavours. 100% fun guaranteed!

Black Seed

The irresistible flavours of grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime

Black Seed

A refreshing drink with tea extracts and peach juice

The secret little extra – a gift from nature

Black seed is an aromatic black seed from the Nigella Sativa, a beautiful flower from southern Asia. It’s used as a spice, but also as a natural remedy in almost all traditional medicines around the world.

Widely used in the Arab world, and in the Muslim world in general, it is a seed benefiting from a very high consideration, as its name suggests: habat al-baraka means the blessed seed.

Taste the new red

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Drink the Swida as you like it

Sometimes, there’s nothing like an ice cold Swida Cola to beat the heat.

And when you take that first sip, it’s like a scene from a romantic comedy where time stands still as the nerd finally kisses the girl of his dreams.

We promise to take you back to that long-forgotten feeling: your first sip of Cola.

Free Spirit

Where the spirit of freedom meets nature

We opted for a whole bunch of “minuses”, which are actually “pluses”: fewer additives, fewer colorings, fewer sweeteners.

Swida Cola is a real natural drink with more flavor, more vitality, more pleasure.